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Adam by Evelyn Jane Ross (2016)

In the beginning of them She created us. Adam is an eye-opening claymation film. It’s nothing like Wallace and Grommit; it’s neither a children’s story nor does it have a distinct character. Instead, it’s poetic narrative depicting love and emotional sincerity. It uses the malleable nature of clay to emphasize the main idea, creation. “Adam”… Read More »

Down with Richie by Yavuz Üngör (2011)

A man stands on the ledge outside a window of a tall building, trying to hide from his lover’s boyfriend. She throws his clothes and wallet out the window in order not to get caught cheating. The man is left standing in his underwear, trying to be quiet. This is a graduation project from the… Read More »

Howl by Natalie Bettelheim (2011)

A mother become worried when her toddler starts acting like a cat. It is a really beautiful and precise atmospheric story. It was directed and designed by Natalie Bettelheim with animation by Sharon Michaeli. A graduation film produced at the Department of Screen-Based Arts in Bezalel, Jerusalem. More info at